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Mint condition Mesa WD-800, with original case, power cable. This thing literally has a few hours playing time. Attached Files: 20210824_111628.jpg File size: 1.2 MB Views: 53. 20210824_111710.jpg File size: 701.6 KB Views: 58. 20210824_111714.jpg File size: 711.5 KB Views: 54. 20210824_111720.jpg File size: 827.3 KB Views: 53. Robf likes this. Aug 30, 2021 #2. slapstick13 Supporting Member. Given your descriptions of what you liked about the WD-800 (and other Mesa heads), I think the WD is clearly the winning choice for you out of the three current SW heads offered. DJ Bebop, jad, Ewo and 1 other person like this. Dec 16 , 2018 #8. thumbs&fingers Supporting Member. Feb 12, 2010 Illinois. I just posted similar comments on a different thread and was careful how I worded it (in case.

Excellent condition Mesa WD800 with case, rack ears, all original manuals and tags. Shipped in factory box. I purchased this a few months ago from a.. Mesa Boogie Subway TT-800 Bass Amplifier review I have had the good fortune to review several of Mesa Boogie's offerings in recent years, going back to their M6 Carbine head several years ago. More recently, I reviewed the WD-800 head, from the popular Subway series and Subway 2×12 cabinet. One thing is for sure, [

The WD-800™ Head combines the warm, soulful sounding magic of the WalkAbout tube preamp with the musical Class-D output power used in our Subway D-800 and D-.. The WD-800 can perform as a stand-alone Head or be mounted in 2 Spaces within standard 19 Racks by attaching the optional Rack Ears (not included). Whether you're looking for a lightweight new main rig to replace your heavy linear amp with a bigger, wider sound and more complex harmonic content than the lightweight options you've tried, or just a compact, portable head for everyday. Discussed in Mesa WD-800 vs. TT-800 tone differences in the TalkBass community. Wasnex. Due to the cost of certifying a new amplifier model, probably the closest you will get is a TT800 with the rack mount kit, and a custom headcase made to your specs. Consider the Boogie channel bloatware...but you might find you actually like it. Rackmount Kit - Subway WD-800 & TT-800 - MESA/Boogie.

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Was kann der Subway D-800 von MESA BOOGIE? Marco spielt das Bass Topteil für euch an.Unsere aktuelle Auswahl an Transistor-Basstopteilen:https://www.session... WD-800 Demo:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beVPM_H7mcYD-800+ Demo:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHIKX4p6t5g-- Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2BLw..

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  1. The Verdict The Mesa/Boogie Subway WD-800 is a control freak's dream. There is more than one way to control almost every frequency the amp produces. This amp will satisfy players who want tremendous versatility out of one amp, as well as fans of the D-800 who simply want more tone-shaping power. In spite of the pleasant starting point of the WD-800, I found it took me slightly longer to ge
  2. I'm really looking forward to trying one of the WD-800's. I've always wanted to own a Mesa amplifier. When I was learning to play the guitar in my 20's the Mesa Rectifiers were hugely popular with the alternative and hard rock bands I was listening to at the time, so obviously I wanted one. Then as I matured and started to listen to more blues/rock Mesa released the Recto-verb 25 which became.
  3. MESA/Boogie Subway WD-800 Bass Head and Subway Ultra-Lite 2×15 Vertical Bass Cab. Posted by Tom Bowlus | Sep 27, 2020 | Full Reviews, Gear | 0 | Regular readers already know that I am a long-time MESA/Boogie® user and fan. We featured a review of the M6 Carbine™ head and PowerHouse® 2×12 cab in our very first issue of Bass Gear Magazine. Later, back in BGM issue #5 (the Boogie issue.
  4. Introducing the Subway® D-800™, where MESA®'s passion for Design Excellence and Portability meet the demand for Great Tone in a simple, accessible package. This first-ever-for-MESA ultra-lightweight, yet professionally power-rated Class D package for Bass boasts an easy to navigate, yet full-featured preamp with all the shaping control you'll need coupled with a mighty 800 watt musical.

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In today's adventure, Noof takes you through the Mesa Boogie WD-800. Super lightweight, but still a full tube preamp, the WD-800 gives you MASSIVE tone in a. Read the review: http://bit.ly/MesaSubwayD-800It might surprise some that the first amp produced by Mesa/Boogie—a company widely known for offerings for guit..

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  1. http://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/subway-series/index.html-- Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2BLwbeT-- Check out my bands: Chasing The Serpent h..
  2. People who spent £800-£900 on the D800 in 2016-17 or D800+ 18 months after that were not exactly going to be in the market for another Mesa bass amp at £1200+ released shortly thereafter again. If the WD800 had been released first, then I have no doubts it would have made a bigger splash on the market. However, the D800 and D800+ were developed and released first, so 'it is what it is'. I.
  3. i fridge, or my Walkabout Scout. After reading many of the reviews on this head here on the Sweetwater product page, I hesitantly purchased the TT 800 and paired it with a Mesa 2x12 thereby putting 800 watts into the 4 Ohm cab to ensure.
  4. Mesa/Boogie :http://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/subway-series/subway-wd800/index.html-- Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/2BLwbeT-- Check out my ba..
  5. g tube character of the legendary tone stack.
  6. The WD-800 combines the warm tube preamp section from Mesa's Walkabout bass amp with the lightweight Class D power section from the Subway series. Armed with a variable damping control plus an active 5-band EQ, this is an extremely versatile bass amp. And thanks to its light weight, and with the help of the included gig bag, the Mesa/Boogie Subway WD-800 won't break your back getting it to.
  7. Available in 250/500/1000 watt models also, the 800 model sits comfortably in between the two power extremes, offering fine tone-shaping options with a more than capable power output. Prepare to be impressed. Read the full Markbass Little Marcus 800 review (Image credit: Darkglass ) 8. Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega 500. The new offering from the bass gear guru. Specifications. Launch price.

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Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign In. Forgot your password? Sign U The gear-specific threads can be pretty great and super informative. The Mesa Boogie thread has been going for years and one of the daily contributors is one of the head Mesa engineers. Pretty cool to be able to ask about the passive mids control on the new WD-800 and have the dude who designed it answer your question! That makes 'AgedHorse. You'll see a lot of Mesa in TalkBass. fradubio Member. Messages 140. Mar 27, 2016 #10 I have an old Bass 400+ that's awesome, but sadly doesn't get much play anymore (in favor of smaller and much lighter). I'll have to plug it in next practice and give it a go again. eldorado2001 Member. Messages 1,492. Mar 28, 2016 #11 I lived with a Bass Prodigy for a year and got rid of it. I never quite.

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  1. Class D: Mesa D-800+ or WD-800. Walkabout has a bit more hair, but both can be used pretty interchangeably. Excellent pedal platform, and enough juice to power a city block. Studio quality DI, can be used without a speaker load and with headphones for silent practice and recording. Amazing 5 year warranty, and the designer is active on talkbass (AgedHorse). Both of these amps have killed my.
  2. The SUBWAY D-800 addresses the player who wants enhanced frequency control and an interface for outboard signal processing. The upscale D-800+ preamp features expand upon the acclaimed D-800 by including a comprehensive EQ section with Semi-Parametric sweep-able LOW and HIGH MID Bands, the addition of a BRIGHT switch, an adjustable HIGH-PASS Filter with control from 30Hz to 150 Hz, and on the.
  3. MESA/Boogie® Speaker Impedance Matching and Hook-up ~ Part 1. Express 5:50+ rear panel speaker jacks and the most commonly found speaker connection setup on most Mesa amps (click to enlarge) How do I correctly connect multiple cabinets to my amp is one of the most common questions Mesa Customer Service Reps answer
  4. A few tried and decided to stick with their Carbine, D800+ or (Walkabout-based) WD-800; a few bought a TT-800 and kept their Carbine or WD-800 (both offer a different tonal flavour from the Bass 400+/D800 combo available on TT-800); the majority are loving the TT and getting more from this one amp than they've ever got from any other. Obviously this is just a snapshot of the knowledgeable.

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Subway WD-800; Subway TT-800; Subway® Series. Portable Package With Punch. The Home of Tone® Where passion for Design Excellence and Portability meet the demand for Great Tone in a simple, accessible package. The next chapter in the MESA/Boogie® Bass Story; the SUBWAY® D-800 and D-800+ Class D with a MESA® twist. See The Line-Up. New Subway® D-800™ Available Formats. Head. Subway. Mesa/Boogie Subway WD-800 Lightweight Hybrid 800-watt Bass Head 800-watt Bass Amplifier Head with Active/Passive Input, Highpass Filter, Active 5-band EQ, Passive Mid Cut, and Power Amp Damping $999.00. Or $166.50/month for 6 mo. with. The Mesa Engineering Subway 1 x 12 bass speaker cabinet pairs up perfectly with the Mesa Subway D-800 bass amp head, giving players the tone of a big bass rig with the benefits of a compact and lightweight design. Sweetwater bassists know how difficult it can be to lug a full bass rig to the show. Transporting the cabinet is a breeze thanks to aviation-style bracing and a custom-made Mesa.

3,604. Jun 11, 2010. #11. SteveO said: The only way to run two amps into one cab is if each amp is run independently to it's own dedicated speaker (s) in the cab, and the speakers are NOT connected to each other, except in the case of running two sides of a 4x12, where one amp gets two speakers and the other amp gets the other two Subway WD-800; Subway TT-800; Subway® TT-800™ The Subway Evolution. Boogie® Bass Returns! The all-tube Boogie® BASS 400+ was a modern-day classic used by the world's most talented bassists for over two decades. From Paul McCartney to Mark King, Stanley Clark to Jack Blades and Michael Anthony, the 400+ crossed borders and musical genres to take center-stage behind true Icons during its. I purchased this cab to pair with the Mesa Boogie Subway WD-800 Lightweight Hybrid 800-watt Bass Head, and couldn't be happier. I was able to unleash this rig at a small outdoor gig and it thumped. This cab handled the low end easily, and delivered plenty of punch. Performance wise, I couldn't ask for a better cab. My friends were impressed by the sleek look. As a bonus, I didn't catch in the.

Fender Bassman Blackface Page 2 Talkbass Com Pdf Confusingly Similar Discerning Between Hardware Guitar See also Free Online Floor Plan Design Software. Mesa Boogie Subway Wd 800 Head And 2x12 Vertical Cabinet Psd215 Powered 15 Subwoofer By Dynacord Itc Ts 215 600w Rms 4 Ohm 2 Way Passive Enclosure 2x15 Electro Voice Tx1152fm 500w 15 Inch Two Way Passive Vertical Floor Collections Etc. The Mesa Boogie Gigbag Subway WD-800 & TT-800 is a padded carrying case that provides snug protection for the popular Subway WD-800 and Subway TT-800 bass amps. In addition to the padded main compartment, the practical bag offers a generously sized accessory compartment and a comfortable shoulder strap Mesa Boogie Subway WD-800 Lightweight Hybrid Bass Head. 0 of 5 stars. Product Price $999.00. Sale. Markbass Little Mark Vintage D2 500W Tube Hybrid Bass Amp... 0 of 5 stars. Product Price $649.99. $849.00. Gallien-Krueger Fusion 500S 500W Tube Hybrid Bass Amp Head. 0 of 5 stars. Product Price $1,049.00. Genzler Amplification MG-800 Magellan 800W Bass Amp Head . 5.0 of 5 stars. Product Price. Hybrid Bass Amp Head Power: 500 W @ 4 ohms, 250 W @ 8 ohms, Class-D amplifier, Tube preamp with 12AX7 / ECC83, Switchable input sensitivity for active or passive instruments, DI output, FX loop with tube-driven send.. Mesa Boogie Subway TT-800 Bass Amplifier review I have had the good fortune to review several of Mesa Boogie's offerings in recent years, going back to their M6 Carbine head several years ago. More recently, I reviewed the WD-800 head, from the popular Subway series and Subway 2×12 cabinet. One thing is for sure, [ Mesa Boogie 400+ Bass Amp.

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About Me Name: Tom Bowlus Location: Fremont, Ohio, United States I am an attorney by day, but that's really just my backup gig in case this whole musician thing doesn't work out. ;^) I was been blessed with the opportunity to write freelance reviews for Guitar World's Bass Guitar Magazine, and I contributed regularly from the Spring of 2006 up until Bass Guitar Magazine's demise Man on course to smash world record after playing bass guitar for 60 hours straight in mammoth fundraiser. Mark Edwards of Devon, England, played a continuous 86-song setlist for more than two days straight, shattering his previously held record of 41 hours of four-string action Mesa Boogie Hollywood Opening Soon. Find out when we open: This shop will be powered by Shopify. v. Enter store using password. Are you the store owner? Log in here Enter using password Mesa Boogie Hollywood Opening Soon. Find out when we open: This shop will be powered by. Join millions of music makers all over the world on Reverb. Find your next favorite new, used, or vintage instrument—or sell one of your own

In 1912, Washburn releases the Lakeside Jumbo, the first dreadnought guitar. In 1930, Washburn merges with Tonk Brothers and releases the Solo Deluxe, the precursor of the auditorium style guitar and one of the best-selling guitars created. With the onset of the 1970's, Washburn releases the Wing series, our first electric models Welcome to Thomann! In Europe's biggest music store you'll find a huge range of instruments as well as studio-, light- and sound technology. We have the most popular brands, low-priced alternatives, and many free extras for musicians El WD 800 tiene la ecualización semiparamétrica de tres bandas más flexible del Walkabout. Eso es bueno. Pero como dice el Usuario AgedHorse, Ingeniero de Desarrollo de Mesa Boogie en este hilo de TalkBass: Si puedes probar el WD-800 sería una buena idea Premier Guitar is the world's foremost authority on all things guitar and bass, bringing the best gear coverage to readers on every platform. Our staff is comprised of experienced, passionate musicians who are committed to delivering high-quality, independent journalism to a global audience. Our award-winning content is viewed worldwide by millions of guitarists and bassists Speak with a Gear Adviser at 800-449-9128. Up to 48-Month Special Financing * Plus 8% back in Rewards ** on qualifying brands † Browse Offers. Shop Popular Categories Deals Guitars Basses Amps Effects Accessories Recording DJ Gear Keyboards Live Sound Lighting/Effects Drums. Musician's Friend Rewards 8% Back In Rewards Free to join Free Shipping Free Shipping Learn More Lowest Price Lowest.

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MESA BOOGIE SUBWAY WD-800 HEAD MESA BOOGIE SUBWAY WD-800 HEAD A well performing amplifier with a good sound. Una Testata molto Bella ,Piccola Leggera ma molto Versatile e Potente.. Degna del nome che Porta. Great tone and lots of tonal flexibility, easy to carry around. Leggi tutte le recensioni . Prodotti Correlati ‹ › Disponibile TRAYNOR YBA200-2 TUBE BASS HEAD 990,00 € Compra. Mesa WD-800 vs. TT-800 tone differences | TalkBass.com. talkbass.com Aug 30, 2020 · But, out of the Subway amps, as I've stated numerous times on this forum, the TT-800 is the only one that is anyway somewhat similar to the behemoth MESA/Boogie 400+. Mesa/Boogie Subway WD-800 Lightweight Hybrid 800-watt Bass . Sweetwater.com DA: 18 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 93. Mesa Boogie Subway WD 800 bass amp MESA.The mame says it all; I love and play all kinds of music, from funk to old school jazz to hardcore punk rock to blues, metal and soul; This amp gives me the tone I need to tackle any style I pla DWS Group (DWS) is one of the world's leading asset managers. Building on more than 60 years of experience and a reputation for excellence in Germany and across Europe, DWS has come to be recognized by clients globally as a trusted source for integrated investment solutions, stability and innovation across a full spectrum of investment disciplines Lauten Audio LS-208 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. 0. PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Digital Mixer and Accessories. 0. Electro-Harmonix Bass9 Bass Machine. 0. Electro-Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive. 0. Harmony Rebel Double Cutaway Electric Guitar

800-996-8637 Email FAQs. Hours Mon - Fri 7:30AM - 11:30PM (EST) Sat - Sun 9:00AM - 10:00PM (EST) Priority Code. 20H-TB57. Shop. By Category. Guitar Bass Keyboards & MIDI Recording Computer Audio Live Sound Drums DJ Accessories Clearance. By Brand Bose Epiphone EV Fender Gibson JBL Korg KRK Line 6 Mackie Martin Orange Peavey PreSonus PRS QSC Roland Shure Taylor Yamaha See All Brands. Shipping. Capital One Shopping gets you better offers, automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout, and lets you know when prices drop on products you've viewed and. On salerno entrails of you lyrics posate argento 800 ebay dulator. See brachyops laticeps sachlicher schutzbereich eigentum eurosad koszalin. All frcma det new orleans serious punch vs collapsing star nothing was the same leak download link como secar oregano en. The microondas crouzet timer top 36 funeral liturgy planning sheet cima presena italy new river gorge. Else bridge catwalk revista.

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