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YC hosted our first Go-To-Market Jobs Expo on March 18th, specifically for people looking for non-engineering roles at YC startups. We had 30 YC founders and 700 job seekers looking for sales, marketing, operations and growth roles. All companies are well-funded and growing quickly, and are looking for versatile candidates to help them scale their business. Watch the video above for 1-minute pitches from founders on the business, why it's an exciting time to join their startup and open roles. Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money in a large number of startups. We work intensively with the companies for three months, to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only. They're hiring their first sales team member to define their go to market playbook and drive their sales engine. The need for go-to-market experts is becoming more and more critical to the success of YC startups. Many are seeing rapid growth and product adoption, and need early business people to setup and run new functions like sales or marketing. Others are fundamentally operational (like Instacart or DoorDash), and your help operationalizing large teams of contractors, vendors or creators Understanding your go-to-market strategy as a function of the primacy of sales or marketing is paramount. Use this simple framework to establish whether you have a sales-intensive or marketing-intensive product that you're bringing to market. Make that determination by pinpointing where your product stands on seven key variables: price, market size, complexity of technology, fit and finish, type of customer, customer lifetime and level of customer engagement. The framework provides a key.

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Y Combinator is hosting our Summer Career Expo online on June 10th. It's our way to introduce engineers, PMs and designers to the most recent batch of YC Work at a Startup; YC Events; May 18, 2021. Watch 30 founder pitches from YC's GTM Jobs Expo. By Ryan Choi. Y Combinator hosted our first Go-To-Market Jobs Expo in March, and we're now posting the founder pitches on Work at a Startup. # What we're looking for We're looking for a strategic, hands-on marketing leader to build HitPay's go-to-market plan and marketing function. You will be in charge of crafting our product and marketing voices to fit with the South East Asian market and to differentiate HitPay amongst competitors. You'll work closely with our teams in Singapore and remote locations, including product. Y Combinator hosted our first Go-To-Market Jobs Expo in March, and we're now posting the founder pitches on Work at a Startup. At the event, 30 fast-growing YC At the event, 30 fast-growing Y That's because having that Y Combinator brand opens so many doors. It really is like having Harvard on a resume. When I cold email people, if I say we're in Y Combinator, they open and respond. When we launched our podcast, Scale or Die, I could kind of reach a whole new level of guests because I said, We're in Y Combinator. We're launching this podcast. Every investor will take a meeting with us from that brand. Everybody wants to talk to a Y Combinator company

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6/10/2021. Y Combinator Startup Career Expo, Summer 2021. Hosted by Y Combinator. 3/18/2021. YC Go-To-Market Job Expo 2021. Hosted by Y Combinator. 12/17/2020. Winter '21 YC Internship Pop-Up. Hosted by Y Combinator Y Combinator founder and investor Paul Graham says that often, these startups are born from individuals who are simply trying to think of startup ideas and not looking for problems. Graham calls these ideas made-up or sitcom startup ideas, as they sound like something a writer for a television sitcom would come up with when creating a script for a character that had a. Y Combinator hosted our Summer 2021 Career Expo last month, which included 34 founders — many of whom graduated from YC's most recent W21 batch. Many have customers and revenue and completed a fundraise; all are hiring early team members in engineering, product, design, sales and more. The event was fully virtual and included YC startups from across the world, including Seattle, Toronto, New York, Barcelona, San Francisco and more. We're sharing the founder pitches on Work at a Startup.

Y Combinator is a startup accelerator that's launched successful companies such as Airbnb and Dropbox. Goodly is a new startup that helps companies offering to pay down their employees' student debt What's a Go-To-Market Strategy? ‍ A go-to-market strategy is the plan a startup takes to get new customers for a new product. In other words, all the marketing that takes place before reaching product-market fit. Finding your first loyal customers is difficult because they need: A high dissatisfaction with their current solution to make the switch Y Combinator created a new model for investing in early-stage startups - they are the first-ever seed accelerator in the world. Before we start with the list of YC's failed startups, here are the most important things you need to know about the accelerator and the value they bring to their companies: What YC does and why it's extremely valuable for startups: YC runs a three-month. The 240 budding startups had joined Y Combinator during a frothy market that had enjoyed a bull run for years, only to graduate on March 16 — a day that coincided with the biggest single-day point drop in Dow Jones history and the start of shelter-in-place in San Francisco. Investors had their minds on a looming recession and stockpiling toilet paper from Costco, not YC's latest cohort

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  3. Eventually, he said, Y Combinator's program will evolve into a mix of virtual offerings and some in-person events for those in Silicon Valley. But YC disputes any notion of it being a diploma mill, pointing to an acceptance rate of less than 2%. Even before the pandemic and the shift to the virtual format, YC was taking steps to ensure that the increasing number of startups didn't detract from the program by dividing batches into groups of 100
  4. Born at Y Combinator in Silicon Valley - the incubator that helped develop Airbnb, Dropbox, and DoorDash - Taplytics envisions a world where every digital experience is as unique as you are. Taplytics is the Digital Optimization Suite for modern enterprises. We help companies increase their ROI on the features they release and enable them to objectively identify which steps of their customer journeys to improve. Products: **- The Taplytics Marketing Cloud** enables real-time personalization.
  5. Last Wednesday, famed American accelerator Y Combinator wrapped up its Demo Day — an event where the latest batch of YC funded founders present their companies to investors. This year's event took place on Zoom and featured the highest European founder intake since its establishment

Ved at udarbejde en go-to-market strategi gør du det samtidig nemmere for dig selv at sætte realistiske mål for dit kommende marked, så du undgår at blive skuffet. Hvis du fx antager, at det norske marked er en kopi af det danske, bare fordi det er skandinavisk og har cirka lige så mange indbyggere, og derfor ikke bruger tid på at undersøge det, kan du risikere at blive overrasket. Every batch of entrepreneurs that goes through prestigious startup accelerator Y Combinator nowadays hears founders from the same company speak: Airbnb.. Subscribe to the Crunchbase Daily. The co-founders of the company, which is set to go public this year, return to the accelerator where they got their start to speak to founders going through the process they did back in 2009, often staying. We are well funded and backed by great investors, including Y Combinator, Elad Gil and Lachy Groom. We have not launched publicly yet, but **we're already working with amazing companies, such as** **Opendoor,** **Plaid, Airtable, Snyk, Benchling and SalesLoft** (and many others which we cannot name yet). We have a clear buyer persona and target market. Our current sales process allows us to.

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